Wise Approach To Clear The Exam Successfully

Before you begin to start preparing for the Bank Exam which you are planning to join, you had better wait for a test bank and peruse the few lines given hereunder.

You are perhaps aware that the Bank Clerks Examination consists of 4 parts comprising 200 questions which should be answered in 95 minutes. It means that you must answer a question in less than half a minute. Certainly it is not an easy task to do it and do it rightly at the same time. Hence it becomes essential to analyze and understand the format of the question paper.

The first 50 questions constitute the Test of Reasoning, 15 of which are verbal and the remaining 35, non-verbal. In the 1st type, questions are set on: Analogy, Spotting the odd man out, Completing a number series, Coding and decoding of information, Calculating days and dates and lastly Identifying the blood-relationship. The remaining 35 non-verbal questions are based on problem figures to solve which you need quick sense of perception and immediate application.

And then the next 50 questions are on English Language. In this section, you have to locate errors in grammar or usage, answer the questions under the given passage, supply antonyms or synonyms, arrange the jumbled sentences and finally complete the given passage with alternate choices given underneath.

In the Test on Numerical Ability, questions are set on familiar topics like Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Percentages, Interest, Fractions and the like. This again can broadly be divided into two types: the first with 35 question, all based on numerical calculation, comes under the type of simplification, the second, with 15 questions, coming under verbal type deals with more puzzling problems. Here it is thoroughness in the grasp of the subject and quickness in problem solving techniques that is tested. And to this end, not only here, but wherever it is necessary, the coaching offers numerous examples and practice problem.

The last part deals with Clerical Aptitude. The 50 questions coming under this section can be placed into 4 categories. In the first there are 35 addresses, each correct address is followed by 3 incorrect ones (in some detail) and one correct one. Your job is to locate the correct address. The next 15 questions can come in the type of arranging the material. If a series of numbers are given, your immediate job is to visualise them in ascending / descending order; if words are given, to place them in alphabetical order; if some coding system is given, to decode them – words into numbers or numbers into words; if some ungrouped data are given, to classify them under different categories. This indeed is a herculian task and even if you set apart 15 minutes for this section, which could be the maximum time, it would still be impossible to score all correct. And this incidentally brings to the question of time management.

You may devote roughly: 30 minutes to the Test of Reasoning 30 minutes to the Test of Numerical Ability. and 20 minutes to English & 15 minutes to Clerical Aptitude.

It is not only because the first two are scoring topics, but also because high priority and maximum marks are allotted to these two. The ratio of marks is 2: 2: 1 for the Test of Reasoning, Numerical Ability and Clerical Aptitude respectively while no specified marks are set apart for the test of English language. No doubt you have to score a maximum marks in it whereas you have to get 80% in all the other sections, to qualify yourself for another and fifth test on Descriptive type paper where you have to answer 3 out of 4 questions in 45 minutes in your chosen language – English / Hindi / Regional language, of course all questions in the same language. Though the test is intended to assess your language skills, abilities of clear and correct expression, faculties of understanding and analysing problem areas, and offering practical suggestions and solutions, it is enough if you score a minimum pass marks – these marks and your marks in the English test mentioned above in the objective type, are not added to your aggregate marks to arrive at the final ranking. The marks scored in other subjects and your performance in the interview will alone qualify you for the final selection.

It does not mean that you can afford to ignore the language test. There is a prescribed minimum which you should attain, to get the green signal, and for that you need to work hard and practice well. Many site online provide free Bank Exam question papers. Surcoaching.com is one of them where they also provide online coaching for the Bank Exam conducted for various Bank Jobs. At the end of the coaching you will be able to clear the Bank Exam with no hassles. And now you can begin your work with the utmost sincerity and seriousness. Remember that well begun is half done.