What Are Aquariums Used For?

Aquariums are self-contained environments that contain live organisms. An aquarium is usually a rectangular vivarium with at least one side displaying a transparent thi cong be ca bien hcm side where aquatic animals or plants are contained and housed. Most fishkeepers also use aquariums to maintain live fish, amphibians, invertebrates, reptiles, and some aquatic plants. The tank should be at a proper height for the size of the fish or the desired size of the aquatic animal or plant.

In nature, most animals live in natural enclosures of some sort, but captivity of fish is different because it would be difficult for them to leave the environment they are accustomed to. For instance, an African Elephant has a much smaller habitat than a Labrador retriever. If you place African Elephants in a large tank that contains soft and dim lighting, it would still not get the enough amount of water to fulfill its need for growth. Some even say that if you place too many aquariums with the same species of animals together, they would fight for survival. This can result to a weakened immune system and sometimes to death.

Aquariums are basically fish tanks with artificial or real water. There are different sizes and shapes of aquariums that serve various purposes. Public aquariums mostly offer freshwater marine fish to the general public whereas saltwater aquariums are mainly meant for saltwater pets.

Many benefits are offered by aquariums; they offer relaxation, entertainment, help with anxiety and stress, and the presence of other creatures provides a calming effect on humans. Many people believe that aquariums are very therapeutic, especially for children because it requires less attention from their parents. Stress relief is one of the many health benefits offered by fish tanks.

There are different types of aquariums, the most common ones are freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums and reef aquariums. Usually, the public aquariums are the most expensive type of aquarium as they provide marine fish to the public. It costs millions of dollars to set up and maintain a marine aquarium. On the other hand, a private aquarium may be cheaper but since the main goal of having an aquarium is to create a marine environment, the investment is not necessary.

One advantage of having a public aquarium is that the fishes can be easily seen by numerous people since the majority of aquariums have large fish tanks where the fish are placed. The less expensive ones do not have a lot of space to house the fish and are usually only used by schools of fish. There are also marine exhibit’s aquariums that are less expensive than public aquariums. The exhibit’s aquariums that have tanks can house other animals or plants that require less space but it is not recommended to keep exotic fishes with other species that have similar needs and may possibly cause stress to the fishes.