The Worst Parents Know How to Upset People

Worst Parents gift & merchandise gifts are great for all the Worst Parents out there. Parents have been known to turn out great gifts no matter what the situation surrounding lam ho ca hai san their kids. But, they’re not likely to want the same gifts as the gift givers they see giving the gifts to their children. Gifts can range from practical to bizarre, and they can be presented by anyone from a co-worker to their own mother.

A common gift given by some of the worst parents to their kids is the “What Is Your Number?” sticker. Kids like to accumulate them as they enter the school gates. And, some may be sporting stickers on their shirts in solidarity with their classmates. There is an endless supply of these gift ideas that are available online or in your nearest dollar store.

Another great gift for parents is a set of parents guide books. Some kids like to collect toys and games, so it’s a great idea to give a gift that can help them organize their toy collection. Most kids’ parents’ manuals cover organizing the home, building nests and organizing furniture. Some have even gone so far as to include parenting tips, helping parents deal with difficult kids and prepare their kids for school.

Then, there’s the gag gift basket. These are usually given at graduations or birthday parties. If the child is still in school, a gag gift basket can be filled with items such as: a signed book, comic strip, potty paper, cokes, lip balm, bookmarks, pencils and stickers. If the child is out of school, a gift basket filled with things like: t-shirt, socks, shorts, jeans, movie tickets, board games, bingo cards, candy wrappers and other trinkets are a great treat for grown-ups. For the best results, try to give the gift baskets to adults who are getting divorced or who are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The worst parents may be those who send gift baskets, not so much as gifts but as an irritation. This occurs when a child is upset about receiving a gift but the giver (or both) doesn’t seem to understand their feelings. For example, a little girl was being invited to her cousin’s graduation party. Her aunt gave her a gift certificate for a video game, she had never played. In anger, the girl slammed the box in her face, upsetting her aunt and all those who were at the party.

Worst parents know how to make anyone feel terrible. They know how to upset people to make them feel better about themselves, especially if the child is one of their own children. So if you have a Nannie who makes your child upset because you gave her the wrong gift, the worst parents will take the time to explain why the gift was wrong. If you have a teen who is often upset because you gave her video games and she wants you to get back at her, this is where the parents stand their ground. They’ll either get the teen a gift that doesn’t upset her, or they’ll get the teen something else that does not upset her.