Sexual Advice for Relationships with Single Women

This week let’s talk about ייעוץ מיני with single women. Probably your favorite subject I bet! Sex with someone special is great, especially in the beginning when there are a lot of fireworks and things are hot and heavy. However, it’s not a good idea to let your relationship completely revolve around sex. Let me give an example of what I’m talking about:

Don’t fall into the trap of only staying in a relationship with a woman because she’s good in bed and you overlook the fact that you don’t communicate, don’t get along with her, and find her boring with no personality. You just can’t depend on sex alone to keep a relationship alive. If this is the only thing keeping the relationship alive, it will eventually fizzle out. Trust me on this one.

My advice is don’t stay in a relationship that is based on sex alone. Cut your losses and get out of it. Don’t hang around if only sex is keeping you together and you are miserable. Even though you won’t be together anymore, you will always have your sexual memories of her you can replay in your mind.

I have a mental movie in my mind of every sexual experience I’ve ever had with women. It’s a large library of sexual memories I can replay on the VCR of my mind whenever I want to. It’s almost like a form of mental masturbation. I cherish all my memories and will take them to my grave.

So, whenever you want to feel good just reach into your mental library and replay your tapes of your sexual memories. It’s a lot better than going to Blockbuster and it is free!