An outdoor metal wall art is a perfect choice for your garden or outdoor space. This indoor or outdoor metal wall art features 2 Bigfoot or Sasquatch statues metal wall art walking among trees in the forest. It is metal trimmed with resin and powder coated with black. You have a choice in a textured red, black, or bronze finish.

The indoor wall art is also a part of an acrylic art piece. The acrylic is sprayed on and then cured to give you a great looking decorative piece that you can display on your wall as well as an outdoor display. It features a real life scene printed on the acrylic artwork and is surrounded by a metal frame. The acrylic wall art is usually framed by a green leafy plant. This acrylic wall art is also available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

A metal wall art indoor is a perfect addition to a home because it is eye catching and functional. You will have this conversation piece to show off to everyone you know when you are entertaining. The beautiful etched metal wall art is perfect for any room of your home. It will add beauty and style to any room in your home from your den to your family room. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs.

This is a wonderful conversation piece as well as an indoor/outdoor display. It has been created by the highly regarded artist John Hillman, who is known for his work in this field. This piece is made from an alloy of copper and zinc and has a very unique etched design on each side. It is available in a limited edition of only 100 pieces worldwide. You will receive free shipping upon purchase of this beautiful metal wall art indoor.

This is a beautiful piece of artwork that you can use as an indoor or outdoor display. John Hillman creates some of the most unique and beautiful artwork you will ever see. He uses many different metals in his designs and this particular metal wall art has been designed especially for those with artistic sensibilities. This piece is sure to make a statement as well as a conversation piece for you and anyone else you share it with.

Metal Wall Art and Decorations

The metal wall art and decorations available today are truly amazing. There is a wide variety of wall artwork that can be added to the home to create a unique look and feel. These items are not only stunning but also durable, which makes them a perfect addition to any home. Here is a look at some metal wall art and decorations to give you an idea about what is out there.

One of the most common items found in a metal wall art and decoration is a metal wall clock. These beautiful wall clocks are often hand painted by professional artists and made in several different sizes. They are perfect for any room of the house but can really add some character to the entryway or foyer of a home.

Iron wall decor is another type of metal wall art and decoration that many people enjoy. Iron has been a popular material for decorations for hundreds of years and continues to be one of the best choices for wall decorations. Iron designs are very often used on gates to accentuate them and bring a little more character to the home. If you have an iron gate that needs a touch up, these wrought iron designs can really bring life to the entryway. Other great iron wall art and decorations include various metal wall decor pieces.