Mediterranean Food Culture Has Spilled Into My Community

My neighborhood is full of Greek restaurants, and I’m not the only one. Mediterranean food culture has spread throughout my community. Not only in my neighborhood but in all of the neighborhoods surrounding ours. It is no wonder that the people of this region are some of the healthiest and most active in the world. They know that they live in a healthy place, one filled with great foods and rich cultural influences.

As a matter of fact, I love going out to these places. I like the fact that they are so many different types of cuisine. The food is so varied, and it’s always changing. This type of restaurant is the best for a night out on the town.

For instance, here in Columbus, Ohio there is La Dolce Vita, a small, but cozy, two-table Mediterranean restaurant. I recently had their delicious spinach and garlic bread dish with homemade tomato sauce. There is also a delivery service, which means if I have an empty plate or have a complaint, I don’t have to go outside to find something to eat. That’s such a nice feature about Mediterranean food culture. They take care of everyone.

In a nearby town, there is Apizza, another small two-table Mediterranean restaurant. The food there was quite different than Apizza in Columbus, Ohio. It seemed more Mediterranean with lots of different types of olive oil. One of the things I really like about Mediterranean food is that you can use olive oil as a topping on just about any dish. It doesn’t even need to be Italian!

Another favorite is Handmade Pasta from the area of Piacenza, Italy. My favorite dish was their vegetarian lasagna. It came out warm and delicious. And, at almost one hundred nine dollars a dish, it was also the most expensive pasta I’ve ever tried. The key is not to go to an Italian restaurant any more, since the only place that really best mediterranean food near me offers good authentic Italian food now is the Internet.

The best way to enjoy Mediterranean food now is to go online and order delivery of Mediterranean food. When you order something this way, it arrives fresh, hot, and in your kitchen within a few days. If you have time, try to stop into a few of the places mentioned above to get some of this yourself. It is truly amazing how much this type of food can change your eating habits.