How to Clear a Toilet Choke in 5 Minutes

Having a toilet bowl choke is a common situation that you can face. This is especially true if you have kids as they do tend to drop their toys or other item into the bowl causing it to choke. One of the best way to clear a choke fast is to use a plunger.

If water is running from the toilet tank to the bowl, than the first thing you have to do is to open up the toilet bowl tank. This is the place where water is contained before it gets flushed. No special equipment is needed for this and it can be done with your bare hands. biaya sedot wc jakarta utara out the water as we do not want too much water to go into the bowl since it is choked as the water would than overflow out of the bowl. If water isn’t flowing into the bowl from the tank, you can skip this step.

Now you need to ensure that there is water inside the bowl itself. (yet the water level should not be too high or else you will get yourself into a mess when plunging). Add or pump the water out depending on what is needed. The water level should be around that of the norm when the toilet bowl is working properly. If there is a need to add water, it is preferable to add in hot water.

Next take a plunger and press it against the drainage hole. Do it such that a vacuum is created between the plunger and the hole. Start pushing the plunger up and down without lifting it off the porcelain. This would cause a suction force that should help you to pull the stuck item out. (the idea is to pull out not push the item in). Try this at least 3 times with a 5 minutes break in between. If this doesn’t work, you can use any metal piece that can bend easily(such a hanger) and use it to push into the drain till you feel the blockage and try to push it clear(However do note that this can be a short term solution only especially if the item causing the choke just get stuck somewhere deeper in the pipe later.)