How to Choose the Right SEO Agency?

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When it comes to SEO, Actuate Media, is a leading high-street SEO agency, committed to your online SEO success. With a team of professional SEOs at your disposal, experienced SEOs bring proven SEO strategies & techniques to assist your company not only increase website traffic seo agency and online impression but also conversions. With an ever expanding client base, SEOs are utilising innovative marketing methods to get results for their clients. As a business, we know that customers are our lifeblood. And with a sharp SEO strategy, you can maximise your brand’s online presence and drive sales upwards, thereby increasing your ROI.

The SEO agency will start with a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses a variety of on-page & off-page methods. With the right focus and strategy, the right SEO firm can provide you with a seamless online presence whilst delivering results that meet or exceed your initial expectations. This strategic planning process involves establishing your brand image, designing your website, creating the ideal user experience, developing your web copy and optimizing your web pages & applications. In the search results pages, the strategies adopted by your SEO agency will play an important role. This includes but is not limited to, on-page & off-page elements such as website architecture, web copy creation, keywords & competitor analysis, web analytics, page optimisation and creative content strategy.

During the strategy phase, the SEO firm will execute proven on-page and off-page strategies. Some of these include but are not limited to the following: On-page search engine optimization where the firm will create on-page and SEO friendly articles; high quality links and social media engagement. Off-page strategies will include but are not limited to: press releases, directory submissions, forum posts, press releases and social media submissions. The agency may also implement automated on-page and off-page methods to promote your business through link building, link exchanges and authority links.

Once the SEO agency has implemented a strategy, the next step is to track progress and identify areas for improvement. Tracking is essential as it allows the provider to gauge the ROI of the campaign, identify any success stories and pinpoint what keywords and key phrases are attracting the highest volume of traffic. The monitoring process should be integrated into the overall strategy to benefit the agency as well as the target audience. Keywords and key phrases should be tested across a number of campaigns and competitor databases to identify trends and areas for improvement.

The final phase in the search engine optimization strategy phase is driving quality traffic to the website. This may be achieved through in-house and/or independent search engine optimization tactics. In-house SEO consultants will have in-depth knowledge of the business goals, target audience and likely search engine results. They will also have established in-house marketing resources such as pay-per-click advertising and link building strategies. This will save the agency time and money but may not necessarily yield the best results.

Once the right agency has been chosen, the focus must now turn to implementation. Measurement of success will involve identifying which campaigns are achieving goals and comparing these to the number of pages that need to be created to achieve similar results. For example, a particular keyword will not convert at the same rate as another so a page speed analysis may be undertaken to identify the appropriate page speed for each campaign based on the current data.

Ultimately, long-term benefits will come from a well-implemented SEO strategy. A good SEO agency will be able to implement a short-term campaign with high quality keywords, building the pages over time to achieve higher rankings in search engine ranking categories. The agency should also build a long-term strategy for higher rankings, incorporating proven SEO tactics, testing new strategies to achieve best results and monitor performance to ensure ongoing success. Successful agencies will have a long-term strategy that will take into account the changing landscape and continue to use techniques that are effective as new trends emerge.

It is important to choose a professional company to create your SEO strategy. Choose an SEO company that is based in your local area so that you are more likely to get real-world advice tailored to your unique business needs. Make sure the SEO agency you choose is accredited and has experience in your industry. Many SEO firms will offer free SEO reports and advice so it is worth asking if they offer any such services. A professional company will tailor all the aspects of your website to give you the highest ranking in search engine listings. A professional company will not only provide you with an effective in-house SEO team but will also provide you with a range of solutions to make your online marketing presence higher and more successful.