Fraternity Fundraiser – Pay to Play Casino Night

It’s a great time of the year for parties. And fraternities throw some of the best parties around. This year, make one of the parties a fraternity fundraiser: Pay to Play Casino Night.

Like any fundraiser, getting everyone involved is important. It might be good to pair up with a sorority to sponsor the casino night as a joint fundraiser and split the profits. This allows your fraternity to do a lot less work, and to have a built in list of additional attendees – lovely ladies who can also utilize their rolodexes and get a lot more people to attend.

As the chairperson, you will want to delegate responsibilities for your event. You will need people to choose a location, select a date, publicize, sell tickets, plan logistics and hire people to run the games and tables as well as organize food and drink. You may want to consider getting local businesses involved to provide free food, staff or drinks for your event. One option would be to have a local restaurant or bar (if it’s an mega888 tv 21 event!) host your Casino night fundraiser. They could offer discounted drinks for the night, or free drinks for the first few hours – work with them to make it a successful partnership for both of you.

This isn’t the easiest fundraiser but it can be a lot of fun and can be very profitable. Publicizing and selling tickets is crucial – use your contacts – invite everyone you can to “pay to play” and participate in a fun casino night. Create an atmosphere and make it a dynamic event by having people dress up. You could even make additional money by charging for posed photographs at your Casino Night.

Don’t forget to plan well and have adequate tables and game stations for the number of attendees as well as adequate food and drink. You can set up your event to be with “play money” like Monopoly money and then offer prizes to the person who ends up with the most money in the end (preferably a donated prize). You can also use chips or really any form of currency you’d like.