Best Wristbands

Right from fashion to creating awareness, wristbands have played a major role. Even business houses, use them as a potent advertising medium. Presently there are many typical wristbands available for these purposes. Let’s take a look.

Using wristbands as a style quotient is a thing of the past. Now organisations have devised out several uses of this particular RFID wristband. Through this article we are about to learn the various uses of wristbands. Tyvek, Holographic, Silicone, Bar-code, RFID, Plastic, Woven and Vinyl are some of them.

Now talking about their uses, we often find these bands used at amusement parks and water parks as non-transferable tickets. The bands used for these purposes are highly visible and available in different colours. Each colour represents a separate group of people like students, VIPs, corporates, volunteers etc.. Inflatables, jackets, strollers, wheel chairs and other items can also be rented using these wristbands. Individuals are often provided with multi-tab wristbands, carrying monetary values, for availing refreshments and other facilities. These wristbands also carry sponsor’s logos and special offers imprints.

Camping is another area where wristbands are largely used as the I.D for campers. Individuals can also use permanent markers to write their names on these bands. Moreover camping institutions use the different category of bands, denoting, swimming ability, lodging units, age groups, medical problems, personal belongings of the campers. Wristbands used for these purposes are waterproof and made of colours that are clearly visible to identify campers even from a long distance.

Auditoriums, stadiums and race tracks also make heavy use of wristbands. In auditoriums and stadiums they are used as general admissions, VIP tickets, age identification etc. Pit passes, press passes, VIP tickets, sponsorships, hospitality units and age identification are some of the uses of wristbands in the race tracks. Certain sporting events also use these bands to tag the athletes as per their categories and sponsors. The wristbands used for these purposes are strictly non-transferable and highly visible to locate anyone with ease.

Next on list are hospitals and clinics. Here, wristbands are used to identify patients as per their name, age and the medical problems. These bands are either embossed, printed, handwritten or inscribed with the pictures, bar-codes and medical record number of the patients. Though thermal imaging and laser printed wristbands are the most advanced technology, small clinics prefer using handwritten wristbands.

When we visit night clubs or parties, we are often asked to wear wristbands. The bands, in this case, are used to authorize access. These bands can be made attractive by personalizing them with holographic pictures, party slogans and artworks as per the party theme. Since, these bands represent age, alcohol servers can easily identify guests who are legal to drink.

The awareness wristbands are widely used in donations and charity programmes. This category band became popular with the Live Strong bands that were launched in 2004. Now they are available in different colours to inform people of some widespread diseases. In China, awareness bands are used to represent courage, hope, strength and quit smoking.